Here at Kingsacre Care Home, we love answering all of your questions about how we run things here, and everyday we’re approached with new queries and thoughts about how we make our house here in Duntocher even more of a home. We think it’s so important that our future residents, current residents and their loved ones all know everything they want to know about Kingsacre Care Home before moving in, so no matter how common or strange you think your question might be, we’ll be ready to answer it.

We’ve compiled a list of as many frequently asked and somewhat obscure questions as we can below ready for your perusal. We’ve done our very best to react, respond and appropriately answer each one completely, and we invite you to have a look, and if you have any further questions by the time you reach the bottom of the page, we’d be pleased to speak with you about them in person or over the phone.

Care Questions

Our attentive and professional staff is always ready to provide the highest quality of care and personal assistance to residents who require it. From our receptionists and administrative staff to our kitchen workers and carers, all of our employees have undertaken Dementia Awareness training and really do understand the importance of providing a safe, secure, and engaging environment for everybody.

Our residents are provided with 24-hour nursing care at Kingsacre Care Home. Our courteous, professional nursing staff enables us to care for those individuals who might require a little more nursing assistance. Our Nursing Team is led by our Clinical Director, who has extensive experience working with a variety of people who require varying levels of care and is a valuable resource for residents, families, and Kingsacre Care Home employees. A Nurse Supervisor and a team of professional qualified nurses all assist the clinical director.

While staying with us at Kingsacre Care Home, our residents will have access to Residential, Respite, Dementia, and Nursing Care, as well as various other care services as and when our residents might need them. 

Our incredibly skilled and dedicated teams are able to care for individuals with severe limitations, those who might require end-of-life care, and those who have more needs when it comes to independence and caring for themselves. If your care needs change while you’re staying with us, it’s not a problem at all. We regularly assess the service we give to our residents every 6 weeks or so to ensure that it continues to meet your current needs and requirements.

Every six weeks, your care and support needs will be reviewed at a Care and Support Meeting, at which you and your representative will be invited to join our Care Team to discuss your care requirements. At Kingsacre Care Home, our teams will work constantly with you in order to create a personal plan that includes and outlines any of your requirements and preferences.

We want to ensure that our residents are handled in a manner that they feel is acceptable. At any time, you will be encouraged to offer your thoughts on any area of the care facility. Our Home Manager maintains a ‘Open Door’ policy and is available to residents and their family both during and after office hours.

Yes, Kingsacre Care Home has access to a variety of medical services such as mental health specialists, opticians and dentists that either we can arrange to visit the home or arrange a way for you to get to them instead. You can rest assured that you or your loved ones will be well taken care of while staying with us here at Kingsacre Care Home.

We make sure that all members of our teams are well trained to an informed and highly skilled level in the SSSC Promoting Excellence framework, with many of them actually obtaining advanced level certifications. 

This is essentially the guideline for all health and social sector workers who work with individuals with dementia, their families, and fellow caregivers. The SSSC Promoting Excellence framework outlines the knowledge and skills that all health and social service professionals should strive for in their roles supporting individuals with dementia, as well as their loved ones.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

All of our team members are continuing to wear the appropriate PPE when interacting with our residents to ensure both their safety and the safety of your loved one. Our teams are also regularly taking COVID-19 tests to keep on top of the spread of the virus. When possible, social distancing guidelines are also being followed.

Both vaccines are currently available to employees and residents as part of the COVID-19 vaccine program’s introduction. Although it is ultimately up to each individual resident to decide whether or not to get the vaccine, we strongly encourage all of our residents and staff members to do so.

Although it is not required, we ask that visitors remain attentive and wear protective equipment when in communal areas of our building for the sake of our residents who are more immunocompromised than others.

We advise visitors to keep a safe distance from staff and other residents as they go through the facility. We advise that visitors should spend the entirety of their visit in the resident’s room and wash their hands before and after.

Indoor visiting is now possible due to the various layers of protection in place, including vaccination in the UK. As a result, unvaccinated residents and guests should be allowed to visit each other indoors. No, our visitors will not be required to show proof of vaccination to gain access to our facility.

No, not necessarily. In some conditions, though, this may be a possibility depending on the health of your loved one or any of our other residents. If this occurs, we will notify you as soon as possible so that the appropriate procedures can be made to ensure that you can peacefully and safely visit Kingsacre Care Home in the future.

Facilities Questions

At Kingsacre Care Home, we believe that no matter how big or small it may be, everything should be celebrated. Whether you’re going to paint the town red on your birthday or want to brag about a graduation in the family, Kingsacre Care Home would be delighted to join you in your celebrations. We also celebrate a variety of religious holidays with our residents.

With 4 restaurants and lounges, beautiful private gardens, and hair and beauty salon and a putting green, no day will be like another for as long as you’re staying with us at Kingsacre Care Home. If a cinema and a champagne bar aren’t exactly your cup of tea, have no fear. We have 4 quiet libraries and a lovely balcony terrace where you can read and people-watch to your heart’s content. Our responsive, highly-trained team is only a call away if you have any queries and concerns at Kingsacre Care Home, so you don’t have to fret.

Visitors are invited to visit Kingsacre Care Home as frequently as they like. Adhering to COVID-19 standards means that certain facilities and areas of our care home may have different visitation limits, however these will be minimal and might just require wearing a mask or providing a negative test. As many of the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, most of our residents are returning to a more cautious “business as usual” approach. Contact us to discover more about the best times to visit Kingsacre Care Home.

Our goals and objectives are to consistently deliver high-quality care services that protect the individual rights of our residents, while maintaining privacy, decency, and respect to them throughout their entire stay with us here at Kingsacre Care Home. Our philosophy of care is to promote self-sufficiency and to give our residents the confidence to be themselves in whatever capacity they are able. In conjunction with the customer and their relatives, we will always endeavour to personalise our services to their specific needs.

At Kingsacre Care Home, we always want to ensure that our residents are getting the VIP treatment that they deserve, which is why our in-house chef prepares all of the resident’s food to order and can accommodate any special dietary needs that need to be taken into account. 

We have plenty of bright, expansive restaurants with beautiful views of our patio areas where you’ll have the opportunity to order from a lengthy and diverse menu. We really try to cater towards a wide range of preferences and needs, and we want our residents to be able to  socialise with other like-minded individuals in one of our four restaurants. Our residents can also order room service.

Nestled within the beautiful, picturesque gardens and grounds of Kingsacre Care Home with panoramic views of the Duntocher countryside, our charming luxury residential home is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and be nothing but a truly exceptional place to live. At Kingsacre Care Home, all of our suites and rooms have modern decor, elegant en-suite bathrooms, and cutting-edge technology installed all throughout such as televisions and telephone points.

Finance Questions

The Care Agreement you signed when you first moved into Kingsacre Care Home will be cancelled, as will all expenses related with it. The housing fees will be covered for up to ten days after the death, or until the residence has been fully cleaned of personal items.

We understand that this will be a challenging period for family and friends, and you can be confident that we will treat you, your friends, and your family with the utmost respect throughout the process.

The chances of this happening are slim to none. If your circumstances and care plan remain stable, the cost of your stay at Kingsacre Care Home is unlikely to alter. If your condition changes, your overall fee may alter, and your care plan may be changed to account for any additional expenditures.

Yes, there is always the possibility of a trial term with us at Kingsacre Care Home. A temporary trial stay with us is a great opportunity to discover out what you want and whether you want to be a permanent member of the Kingsacre Care Home family

You are completely free to keep your financial independence and make such decisions on your own if that’s how you’d like it. This is the option that many individuals looking for residential care choose. However, because we want to help you in the most efficient way possible, please let us know if you’d like someone else to manage your money instead of you, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

You may be eligible for either Local Authority or NHS funding, depending on your specific circumstances (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care).  Before pursuing any potentially risky funding sources, we strongly advise that you seek independent financial counsel, whether online or in person with solicitors and other authorized channels.

When you move into Kingsacre Care Home and pay your initial fee, you’re paying for the price of your accommodation, your meals and any activities you take part in while staying with us here. This also covers the cost of any alcohol you consume, hairstyling, chiropody, and access to daily newspapers. These fees will be paid on a monthly basis and will pay for all the facilities included in the coming month.

Rooms & Suites Questions

Moving into anywhere new might be a little bit difficult, on an emotional, mental and physical level. That’s why each and every member of our team is ready to help our new residents settle into their new room, and adjust to a new life at Kingsacre Care Home. We are ready to assist each new resident throughout the settling in process and to warmly welcome them into their new home. Take as much time as you need; we’ll be there to help you along the way.

At Kingsacre Care Home, all of our rooms include en-suite baths/showers/washing facilities and wheelchair accessible areas in both the main portions of the room and the toilet facilities.

There are many ways to truly make their room feel like their home away from home, from framed photographs and paintings to interior decorations and modest pieces of furniture and keepsakes. It’s usually the tiny touches that make the largest difference when it comes to relocating and feeling more at peace. All of our residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms in some sort of way to make the transitioning period that little bit easier.

The minimum age requirement to move into the residential part of Kingsacre Care home is 65 years old, however certain areas of the care home might have different age restrictions depending on the nature of the facility, or the nature of the stay with us. Please get in touch with our Home Manager for more information regarding our residency options.

There are 66 rooms at Kingsacre Care Home, and all of them are single occupancy spaces. There’s nothing we’d like more than for you to find your brand new home with us here at Kingsacre Care Home, and we’re sure that your fellow future residents can’t wait to get to know you and welcome you with open arms.

In certain circumstances, which will always be reviewed on a case by case basis, your four-legged friend might be able to move into Kingsacre Care Home with you if they are well behaved and get along well with others. For further information or to clarify any details about any pets joining the Kingsacre Care Home family, please speak with our Home Manager.

Uplifting and Inspiring Our Residents 

Our staff highly recognises the need for getting to know each of our residents and their families on a personal level in order to provide them with personalised care as well as activities that they will be happy to engage in. We attempt to create an environment in which people feel safe, calm, and that their ideas and opinions are heard. At Kingsacre Care Home, we work as a team to provide high-quality care and support to all of our residents and we go above and beyond to ensure that we are providing our residents with the fulfilling lifestyle they deserve.