Luxury Rooms

Here at Kingsacre Care Home, our rooms are nothing short of extraordinary. Designed to give each and every one of our residents the VIP treatment, all of our rooms and suites are fully furnished with the option of swapping in your very own furniture instead. Our residents are free to personalise and customise their rooms to their heart’s content; as long as they’re happy, so are we. 

Everyone deserves to feel like they’re living their life to the fullest, whether you’re a resident, a loved one, or a member of staff here at Kingsacre Care Home. When you’re part of the Kingsacre Care Home family, you’re encouraged to keep being the truest version of “you” you can be. So, whatever way you choose to decorate your space, rest assured that you can bring as many photographs, paintings, knick-knacks and assortments ad you’d like to make sure your personality shines through no matter what. 

At Kingsacre Care Home, we like to make everything as simple as possible to assure our residents are consistently getting the very best care, and most importantly, the most comfortable lives we can provide. That’s why all of our rooms come with fantastic, state-of-the-art en-suite facilities and spacious layouts so each room is accessible to absolutely everyone.

Opulent Rooms & Spectacular Surroundings

Even though all of our rooms are similar, each and every one of them has a unique, stylish design that sets them apart from all the rest. We encourage our residents to be true to themselves while staying with us here at Kingsacre Care Home, and although our rooms are similar, they are all yours to make as personal as possible. We understand that putting your own personal stamp on where you live is essential to making your house your home, and that’s why our rooms often serve as a brand new blank canvas. 

We like to add a little touch of elegance and sophistication to everything we do here at Kingsacre Care Home, and our beautiful rooms and suites are certainly no exception. It’s so lovely to watch the creativity and style that each and every one of our residents displays while decorating their rooms, and it often takes a lot for our teams to not want to move in themselves. However, our teams will just have to make do with being on hand to help and assist our residents with everything they can, from moving in and beyond.

A Wide Range of Inclusive Facilities

When it comes to our facilities, we have a wide range of them that have been designed and built especially for our residents to use in order to further improve their quality of life. All we want at Kingsacre Care Home is for our residents to feel confident in who they are as individuals, and be brave when it comes to stepping out of their comfort zones. Which is why whatever activities our residents want to try out, new or old, they have the opportunity to do so here at Kingsacre Care Home.

A Brand New Place to Call Home

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; if you or a loved one are looking for somewhere safe and comfortable to call home, there’s a room with your name on it here at Kingsacre Care Home. We always want our residents to feel like they belong at Kingsacre Care Home, and be able to rely on any member of our professional and devoted team to help them wherever they can. 

Our end goal has, and always will be, simple; to provide you with the very best indivdualised and customisable care plan from the moment you set foot through the doors at Kingsacre Care Home. We always encourage our residents to make friends with their neighbours and fully embrace the group-living lifestyle, and finally find their place in the ever-expanding Kingsacre Care Home family.

What to Expect from Our Luxury Rooms 

Our luxury rooms at Kingsacre Care Home have been designed so each and every one of our residents can feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay with us, and like they’ve really found somewhere they’re not afraid to call their home-away-from home. Our person-centred approach has worked wonders over the years, and by providing our residents with around-the-clock care and constant companionship, we’ve built a warm, welcoming environment at Kingsacre Care Home that invites anyone and everyone in for a cup of tea and a chitchat.

Exclusive Television/Telephone Points

All of our bedrooms have access to both a television point and a telephone point, making viewing easy and contacting your loved ones even easier, day or night.

Ensuite Bathroom Facilities

Our Kingsacre Care Home en-suite bathrooms feature fantastic shower and bathing facilities and complete access for individuals with disabilities and those using wheelchairs.

Space for Home Furniture

In each and all of our rooms there is plenty of room for furniture from home, as well as storage space, so you won’t need to sort your items, or potentially throw anything that you may want to keep.

Help That’s Always Available

In case of medical emergency, all our rooms are provided with a nurse-call system, and each resident has a dedicated assigned nurse. They, or another team member, can be by your bed in no time with the simple press of a button.

In-Room Wheelchair Access

Kingsacre Care Home luxury rooms have all been designed with our residents hearts and souls at the centre of them. That’s why they’ve all been designed with lots of space to make them entirely accessible for everyone, including those using a wheelchair.

Resident and Guest WiFi

All luxury rooms at Kingsacre Care Home have free WiFi for both our residents and visitors, so you can watch your favourite videos, keep in touch with loved ones or surf the internet completely worry free, no matter what.

Luxury Room FAQs

Our luxury rooms here at Kingsacre Care Home are beautiful, and certainly deserve to be talked about by current residents, loved ones and potential future residents alike. That’s why we’re always prepared when it comes to questions surrounding living at Kingsacre Care Home; we’ve answered quite a few over the years. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about our luxury rooms, and if your question still remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Of course, our friendly teams at Kingsacre Care Home will be more than happy to help you move into your room and make sure you get settled in. Even once you’ve unpacked and officially moved into Kingsacre Care Home, our members of staff will always be around to make sure you have everything you need to live your very best and most confident life.

We would absolutely love to have your furry friend move in with us. However, this might only be possible in certain circumstances, and might have to be determined individually on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to learn more about the possibility of your pet becoming part of the Kingsacre Care Home family, please get in touch with us to discuss the matter further.

Although breaking out the paintbrushes, rollers and litre buckets of paint might sound tempting, we must unfortunately disclose that fully redecorating your room won’t be possible while staying with us at Kingsacre Care Home. However, you’re more than welcome to put your own stamp on your room by moving in as many personal items and pieces of furniture as you’d like.

At Kingsacre Care Home, your needs will constantly be met by our incredible, professional and highly trained teams. From helping you move into your room to making sure you get settled in, and throughout all of your time staying with us, our teams are 100% dedicated to ensuring you or your loved one lives life to the fullest.

Yes, trial periods and extended stays are more than welcome here at Kingsacre Care Home. Before you officially decide to move in with us, we want nothing more than for you to be entirely certain that this is the right next step for you. That’s why we encourage all potential residents who might be considering the move to stay with us for a little while before making any final decisions.

Not at all, staying connected with your loved ones outside of Kingsacre Care Home will always be a top priority for us. Recently, staying connected physically with one another has been a little bit more difficult, which is why we’ve invested in fantastic technology and speedy, up-to-date WiFi to ensure our residents can remain in close contact with those most important to them.

At Kingsacre Care Home, there are a maximum of 66 bedrooms ready for our residents to call “home”. Each of these rooms are single occupancy, and each one comes with its very own en-suite bathroom.

Uplifting & Inspiring Our Residents

Our residents are among the bravest and most resilient people we’ve ever met. They always get back up and continue to live their lives to the fullest, no matter what life throws at them. No one should have to face life’s challenges alone, which is why Kingsacre Care Home is committed to assisting our residents through it all, regardless of what they go through and face next.  We take great satisfaction in creating an environment in which our residents are recognised for their accomplishments and feel fulfilled with each passing day.

We Look Forward to Speaking to You

If you have any questions about our rooms and luxury suites at Kingsacre Care Home, or any of our other services, please contact us. You can contact us by phone at 0141 473 5500 or by email at, and one of our wonderful team members will be more than happy to help you. You may also use our online Enquiry Form to contact us, if you’d like, and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible.