Respite Care

Kingsacre Care Home warmly welcomes you, no matter what challenges you have recently faced. We are so extremely proud of the relaxing atmosphere we have created in our home, and with thanks to our peaceful and tranquil surroundings, we are able to offer outstanding levels of Respite Care to aid in your or your loved ones recuperation.

Whether you’re someone who personally needs to rest and recover after a stint in hospital, or if you’re a carer for a relative or loved one and just need to take some time for yourself, there really is no better place to do so than in our beautiful home in central Scotland. 

Our Respite Care will have you back on your feet and carrying out your normal routine in no time. We want to assure all of our residents, whether with us permanently or on a temporary basis, that we are dedicated to providing around-the-clock care and daily support, no matter what.

What Does Respite Care Mean?

There are so many reasons as to why someone might turn to a care home for Respite Care. This type of care has many benefits, from giving carers the opportunity to take some personal time, to assisting those who may be recovering from an injury or illness in hospital. We would recommend Respite Care to anyone who needs some helping getting back on their feet, or who need a short-term solution to caring for a loved one.

A short-term stay with us could last for days, weeks or months, and some people even adapt so well to our way of living, that they decide to become a permanent resident. No matter how long you stay with us, you will become a member of the Kingsacre Care Home family from day one, and will receive our high-quality, person-centred Respite Care. During your stay with us, you will be able to socialise and participate in our daily activities, which in itself often helps with the recovery process.

How Can Respite Care Help You?

At Kingsacre Care Home, we know the importance of taking some time out every now and then and really focusing on your health and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re a carer yourself or a visiting resident, our Respite Care is an invaluable solution for those who need short-term care, or just that little extra support on their journey to recovery. 

What’s ideal about Respite Care is that it can be tailored to work around your life and current care plan, with the care we provide also meeting your specific needs. At Kingsacre Care Home, we’re so very committed to ensuring that each and every one of our residents and their guests are receiving the very best services and support, and getting the care they need and deserve.

Our Respite Care at Kingscare Care Home

We know that both recovery and caring for an ageing, unwell or disabled loved one is no easy task, and asking for a helping hand every now and then is often essential in being able to guarantee you or your loved one is receiving the most effective care. At Kingsacre Care Home, we have created a secure yet relaxing environment, and paired with our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced members of staff, you can guarantee that you will receive the very best in Respite Care.

How to Know if Respite Care is the Right Option? 

Choosing the most appropriate path of care, whether for yourself or a loved one, is a major decision and one that requires a lot of thought and consideration. We understand the challenges that this may bring and therefore want to assure all prospective residents, their friends and family that you can rely on us to offer you the support and guidance you need to make your decision. We will work hard with you or your loved one to determine the best course of action.

Prioritising the Health, Safety & Wellbeing of Our Residents

We understand that challenges such as Covid-19 can be an anxious and concerning time for all. At Kingsacre Care Home, we make it a priority to protect and prioritise the health, safety, and dignity of all residents when they join our family. Because we provide around-the-clock care, we get to know our residents extremely well, ensuring that they receive only the best individualised care possible.

Our primary mission is to care for our employees, residents and their loved ones alike, ensuring that they are always kept safe, healthy and happy. Our teams place a high focus on getting to know our residents as well as their families, and this combined with our vast range of facilities and activities, allows us to offer a home where everyone feels stimulated, loved and a part of the family.

Providing High Quality Care is Our Priority

We are committed to providing person-centered care to all residents at Kingsacre Care Home. This means our team works directly with residents and their families to develop extensive and individualised care plans that go above and beyond normal medical treatment and take into account all aspects of care, including emotional, physical, and social requirements. By prioritising all aspects of health, our residents can live comfortably, safely, and fulfilled every day.

Respite Care Inclusives

Whether you’re staying with us for a short period, or go on to become a permanent resident, at Kingsacre Care Home, all of our residents have complete access to a wide range of extra services that they’re more than welcome to use.

Appointments with GPs

As part of caring for the health of our residents, we encourage residents to have regular visits with their local GP. Transport to and from can be arranged with the home. The cost is included within the overall care home fee.

Dentist Visits

At Kingsacre Care Home, residents have access to a professional dentist who will look after the overall oral health of residents and prevent and/or treat dental and oral disease(s). Check ups are included in your overall fee with treatments available at an additional cost.

Optician Appointments

Residents of Kingsacre Care Home have access to a professional optician where visual needs will be assessed, discussed and treated. This service is included within the overall care home fee, however glasses come at an additional cost.

Physiotherapy Access

Regular Physiotherapy sessions are offered at no extra cost to those residents who have been referred it by a GP. Gentle Physiotherapy sessions include chair based exercises; experience has shown us that attendance holds many benefits for all resident types, including improving strength, flexibility and balance.

Chiropody Arrangements

We understand that some of our residents may require attention from a Chiropodist. Whilst access to a Chiropodist can easily be arranged by one of our friendly team members, this service will come at an additional cost.

Uplifting & Inspiring Our Residents

Our knowledgeable and caring staff thoroughly enjoy every opportunity they get to sit down and spend time getting to know our residents and their loved ones. We value these moments as they help us to provide both individualised care and activities we know our residents will enjoy. At Kingsacre Care Home, we work hard as a team to provide high-quality care and assistance to ensure that residents are supported in every sense and that they are living the fulfilled lives that they deserve. 

We Look Forward to Speaking to You

If you wish to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team regarding our Respite Care package, then you can email us at or by phone on 0141 473 5500. Alternatively, please fill out our online Enquiry Form and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.