Private Gardens

At Kingsacre Care Home, we are extremely lucky to be surrounded with spectacular private gardens as well as panoramic views of the countryside. With all of this at our fingertips, we actively encourage all of our residents to participate in a variety of our garden projects that will either become a new hobby for many residents, or simply an opportunity to expand our residents’ knowledge of gardening. 

Getting closer to nature, whether it be by taking a leisurely stroll around the grounds or sitting for a meal out on our patio, can have wonderful benefits on our residents’ overall health. We often host activities out in our grounds where loved ones of our residents can attend and spend time taking in the breathtaking views.

Safe & Private Outdoor Space For You

Our garden provides the perfect outdoor space for our residents to safely enjoy nature and take part in gardening activities, from potting new plants to tending those already in full bloom. This can be a great way to socialise, get to know like-minded residents and also feel a sense of independence and responsibility. At Kingsacre Care Home, we have seen first hand the benefits that gardening and the outdoors can have on residents, which is why whenever the weather allows, our teams go to great efforts to arrange activities that can be taken outside.

kingsacre garden

A Wide Range of Inclusive Facilities

The staff at Kingsacre Care Home find it such a privilege to be able to ensure our residents make the most of every day. From creating diverse activities programmes to welcoming an array of entertainment, every opportunity we offer our residents has had a lot of thought and care put into it. Above all, we make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether that’s learning about our residents current hobbies and creating activities around them, or researching to find brand new ways to keep our residents engaged.

Sit Back, Relax & Take in the Views

Gardening might not be for all of our residents and we accept that. What we do try to do however, is encourage our residents just to get out every once in a while for a breath of fresh air and to take in the beautiful surroundings in which our home is set. From birds to bugs, our gardens are graced with the most magnificent wildlife, and sometimes just taking a moment to observe these creatures is enough to feel connected with the outdoors. When we’re lucky enough to have some sunshine, we allow residents to read a book, do a crossword or even take their meals outside, just so that they can experience the calm and tranquility our gardens provide.

Private Garden Amenities at Kingsacre Care Home

We are proud of the fact that at Kingsacre Care Home, we are able to offer our residents a real mix of facilities and amenities, whilst providing around-the-clock care. Part of the outstanding amenities that we have available to our residents is our inviting private garden.

Watch the Flowers Bloom

Residents, along with any visiting loved ones, are invited to make use of our wonderful gardens. Whether it be taking a stroll, admiring the raised flower beds, or simply sitting and watching the world go by, our outdoor areas can be enjoyed by all.

Outdoor Activities

We’re passionate about the activities we hold for our residents, and on days when the weather is warm and dry, we like to take our activities outside. Residents can enjoy light exercise and mini golf whilst taking in the panoramic views.

Afternoon Tea on the Patio

When the summer days come back around, many of our residents find our patio and surrounding gardens the perfect place to sit back and enjoy some afternoon tea treats.

Uplifting & Inspiring Our Residents

It is fundamental to us at Kingsacre Care Home, that the wellbeing of our residents is at the core of all we do. We are passionate about providing residents with a fulfilling lifestyle, as well as outstanding medical care, so you can rest assured that residents who stay with us receive only the highest quality care every day. We work hard to create an environment where residents can live life the way they want to, which is why we’re constantly introducing new activities and facilities that will further improve their way of living. No matter what, we want residents and loved ones alike to feel at home and a part of the family here with us at Kingsacre Care Home.

Providing High Quality Care is Our Priority

Our wonderful teams at Kingsacre Care Home strongly value the opportunity to work closely with each resident and their families. We are committed to forming relationships with our residents and those closest to them so that they know that they can always count on us to provide personalised, around-the-clock care to everyone who calls our home theirs. We believe it is essential that our residents feel as though Kingsacre Care Home is a home away from home and that they are encouraged to take on each day.

We Look Forward to Speaking to You

If you would like to discuss our facilities or any of the care options we provide in further detail, then we welcome you to get in touch with our friendly team. You can do this by calling 0141 473 5500 or by emailing Alternatively, you may request a callback by completing our online Enquiry Form. We look forward to speaking with you.