Nursing Care in Duntocher

When you or a loved one might benefit from high-quality, professional nursing care, it might be difficult to see for yourself. That’s why with every new resident at Kingsacre Care Home, our highly-trained teams conduct regular, thorough assessments of each resident’s health to ensure they’re getting the very best care that’s specially tailored to suit them. 

Our dedicated nurses and doctors offer 24-hour care for individuals living at Kingsacre Care Home who are living with physical impairments, increased dependency needs and those who might be in need of end-of-life care. Our teams are nothing but respectful and supportive of our residents, as well as their loved ones, friends and families.

What does Nursing Care mean?

This type of care is often best suited for individuals who are living with physical disabilities, and those living with intensive care needs. Nursing Care is also considered the most suitable alternative for those living with long-term health problems. This care that we offer to our residents is designed to provide 24-hour support for the medical and personal needs of each and every individual living at Kingsacre Care Home. Kingsacre Care Home in Duntocher, West Dunbartonshire is the ideal place for individuals who are living with overall health concerns, and those who might require more regular attention. 

Approaching Nursing Care at Kingsacre Care Home

Kingsacre Care Home offers day-to-day care plans for each resident provided by our highly trained nursing team, in which each one details the around-the-clock care we strive to provide to each and every one of our residents. However, it’s not just the medical needs of our local residents that we take care of. 

Ensuring that all of our residents receive comprehensive treatment and care in its entirety is our top priority, and making sure that their hearts, minds and overall wellbeing are totally taken care of is essential for providing the best quality of life possible. Our teams all have access to some of the latest technology and information in the industry, and this allows us to offer more complex attention to our residents. We want to encourage independence amongst our residents, and highlight the importance of respect and dignity at Kingsacre Care Home.

What can I expect from Nursing Care at Kingsacre Care Home?

At Kingsacre Care Home, we’re always available when it comes to our residents and their loved ones. If you’re local to the area and need any kind of assistance, from help with morning routines, to support with meals, to one-on-one emotional support and everything in between, we’re always around to help wherever we can. Having a person-centred approach enables us to really get to know our residents and develop a fully customisable plan for each and every one of them.

We’re grateful here at Kingsacre Care Home to have such a team of dedicated carers and nurses that are so committed to putting the lives of our resident’s first, no matter what. Our team, come day or night, are available to support our residents as much or as little as they need. We appreciate and admire the individuality of all of our residents and constantly strive to provide a comfortable life at Kingsacre Care Home for them.

How to know if Nursing Care is the Right Option? 

Deciding whether or not you or a loved one might need Nursing Care support is a difficult choice to make. However, if you or a loved one are currently in a position where it’s hard for them to take care of themselves unsupervised, or extra assistance is needed on a day-to-day basis, then Nursing Care might be your best option. Our friendly team in Duntocher is always at your disposal to discuss all available alternative care options.

Prioritising the Health, Safety & Wellbeing of Our Residents

The philosophy that we here at Kingsacre Care Home believe in is one that promotes a lifestyle that’s guaranteed to benefit every single resident no matter what. Our teams here will always have a common goal; to help our residents maintain their independence and wellbeing throughout their stay with us at Kingsacre Care Home. 

We have, and always will maintain the safety, dignity and wellbeing of our residents and their loved ones, despite the challenges that COVID 19 have presented. Whatever the world decides to throw at us next, our teams are a determined force who knows how to handle almost any situation. Whether you or a loved one who is local to Duntocher decides to stay with us at Kingsacre Care Home, we want to ensure that our residents are well looked after no matter what.

Providing High-Quality Care is Our Priority

When mixed with our incredible professional medical care, our passion to ensure a fulfilled quality of life to all means that all of our residents, their family members and their friends can be sure of the highest standard of care given at Kingsacre Care Home. Our care services play a huge part when it comes to helping our residents with completing their day-to-day tasks, and more often than not, just the offer of support is enough to give our residents a brand new lease of life.

Nursing Care Inclusives

The cost of your stay with us at Kingsacre Care Home also includes an abundance of additional facilities and activities. A variety of medical services are also available to everyone, including:

GP Access

Regardless of whether a resident visits independently or with the assistance of a team member, GP appointments can be arranged and made for routine checks and emergencies.

Dental Service

A dentist will be provided at no additional cost for residents who might be seeking dental treatment.


Kingsacre Care Home is visited every six weeks by our own private Chiropodist, but more frequent appointments can be made for our residents if needed.


Physiotherapy treatments can be arranged with a GP or with a private medical expert to ensure our residents feel as good as new in no time.

Optical Service

All residents can be seen in relation to eye problems or concerns by an optician as part of their individual living expenses.

Uplifting & Inspiring Our Residents

The team at Kingsacre Care Home aims to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for our residents and their loved ones alike. At Kingsacre Care Home, everyone is guaranteed to journey that extra mile to ensure that life with us is what it ought to be, no matter what. Our home is based on and created by the philosophy that every individual living under our roof is part of the Kingsacre Care Home family, and that they are entitled to live a full life enabled by a caring and supportive environment. Clydebank, the home of Kingsacre Care Home, is the historical centre of the Scottish shipbuilding industry on the banks to the west of Glasgow, along the River Clyde.

We Look Forward to Speaking to You

Please feel free to call us on 0141 473 5500 or email us at if you’re interested in any of the services we provide, or you wish to arrange a tour around the Kingsacre Care Home grounds. Alternatively, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and we will contact you back.