From Seed to Harvest – Vibrant Veggies at Kingsacre

Residents have been thoroughly enjoying the warm sunny spell March has bought along with it. We have been spending as much time as possible enjoying the lovely weather in our beautiful private gardens. We’ve seen some residents find a sunny spot and read a book, others have been completing a crossword puzzle, we’ve even been able to set residents up with a comfortable seat where they have eaten their meals outside – we love watching our residents enjoy the weather exactly how they want to!

March was a particularly exciting month for staff and residents, as we knew we would soon start to see our vegetable patch come to life after weeks of planting and sowing. After much anticipation, on a very pleasant\ Friday we were able to harvest the first carrot of the year! We are all so pleased with the fresh, healthy-looking carrot and are already looking forward to harvesting more homegrown vegetables over the next few months.

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Reaping the Rewards
Both staff and residents all look forward to and enjoy all garden based activities, especially planting, potting and sowing of both flowers and vegetables. As soon as the weather permits, everyone makes the most of our private garden. Our outdoor area is the perfect space for residents to get some fresh air, keep active with short strolls or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery and visit wildlife.

Benefits of Gardening
Our beautiful, landscaped garden provides the perfect space for our residents to safely enjoy nature and take part in gardening activities, from potting new plants to tending those already in full bloom. These activities provide residents with the opportunity to socialise, get to know their fellow, like-minded residents and also feel a sense of independence and responsibility. At Kingsacre Care Home, we have seen firsthand the benefits that gardening and the outdoors can have, which is why whenever the weather allows, our teams go to great efforts to arrange activities that can be taken outside and enjoyed:

  • Encouragement of physical movement
  • Exposure to a natural source of vitamin D
  • Reduction of stress
  • Improved social interaction
  • Sharpening of the mind

Get involved
We would love for friends, family, and loved ones to join us in our gardening adventures. We have already started, and plan to continue planting more fruit, vegetables, and herbs – if you would like to help us please get in touch today.

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